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  • September 27, 2019 at 5:23 pm

    Recognizing and what to do when the NeuroNode LED is stuck on a single color


    Firmware: G00

    iOS Software: 1.9.2

    Windows Software:


    You may run into the issue where the NeuroNode LED is stuck on a specific color. This is something that can happen while in Standby. For example the NeuroNode may present a solid Yellow colored LED, so you put it on the charger to recharge the NeuroNode but even after a period of time the LED does not change to Blue or Green showing that the charge is being taken by the NeuroNode.


    In this scenario, confirm that the charger base is showing the Green and Red LED lights when you put it on the charger showing that it’s charging. If it was previously showing the Red LED, indicating it is actively charging, but is no longer showing the Red LED and still shows the incorrect LED color on the NeuroNode then that is a good sign that you may be experiencing this issue rather than a charging problem.


    When you do run into this issue try the following:

    1. Try shaking the NeuroNode to “Shake-to-Wake”
    2. Using the push pin tool, press and release the push button found on the bottom of the NeuroNode


    If none of these methods resolves your issue then please contact us directly for more advanced troubleshooting support to get your NeuroNode back up and running.

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