Start Program in Grid 3

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  • October 30, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    The following information will assist you in being able to open programs that are installed on the Trilogy from within Grid 3.


    1. Open the Grid Set you want to add these options to
    2. Open the top menu and select “Edit Grid”
    3. Select a cell and select “Create Cell” or “Add Command” on the left
    4. Select the category Computer Control and press Next
    5. Select “Start Program” and press Next
    6. It will show the currently running programs as a quick selection method but if you do not see your program here then select “Browse” at the bottom.
      1. If you selected browse you will need to go to the location of the program file you wish to run and select it in the File Explorer window.
    7. Once you’ve selected the program it should populate the cell you selected so it will start that program when selected.
    8. Once you are done making any other customizations you want to that cell select “Finish Editing” at the top left to apply your changes.