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  • October 8, 2019 at 5:49 pm

    The following information is provided by Smartbox for the Grid 3 program. This will help you setup your email account in Grid 3 and some of the nuances that come with setting up an email with certain provider such as privacy settings that may block access unless updated in the email account settings.

    Email account settings in Grid 3

    Grid 3 allows you to send and receive email using your existing email account.
    Click on the Menu bar, then Settings, Accounts and Email.


    Click on the drop down menu, and select your email provider.

    If you have a Google (Gmail), Microsoft ( or Yahoo account, choose this from the menu.

    Just enter your username and password, and click Test to verify the settings.

    Your email will now be available in any grid set for this user which contains an email page.

    Gmail specific settings

    Google requires additional settings to be changed on your account before Grid 3 will connect.

    In your browser, sign in to Google. Click on your profile image in the top right and select My Account.


    On the My Account page select Sign in & Security. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the Allow less secure apps toggle is on.

    You may also need to enable IMAP on your account. You can find this toggle on your Gmail settings page:

    Yahoo specific settings

    To use a Yahoo email account you may need to allow less secure connections. To find out more information visit :

    You will need to generate an app specific password for Grid 3, you can find these settings in your Yahoo account under Account Security->Manage App passwords

    You may find that you are unable to view sent emails. This is because Yahoo does not record emails sent via Grid 3. We are aware of this problem and are looking into a solution.

    iCloud settings

    If you are using an Apple iCloud account you can use the following settings to configure your emails.

    IMAP server address:
    Port: 993

    SMTP server address:
    Port: 587

    Manual email settings

    If your email provider is not Google, Microsoft or Yahoo, click on Read and send through IMAP and SMTP accounts.

    You will need some information from your email provider, which can normally be found in the Support section of their web site – look for ‘email settings’ or ‘setting up your email client’.

    smtp settings

    You may also need to enable IMAP for your email account – log in to your email account in a web browser, and look for this option in email settings.

    In addition to your email address, username and password, you will need to know:
    • The server addresses and ports for incoming and outgoing mail.
    • The security and authentication requirements (whether SSL is required, and whether authentication is required for outgoing mail).

    Click on Test Connection to verify your settings.

    NTL and NTL World

    Some users who still have an older NTL email address need to use specific settings in Grid 3.

    On the email settings page use the following SMTP details:

    Port 25

    Set Use SSL to Off and Use authentication and Use incoming username and password to ON.

    AOL Email Settings

    If you are using AOL you can use the following settings to configure your emails.

    Enter email address and Username.

    Use the following settings:

    Incoming mail server (IMAP):
    Port: 993
    Use SSL: On

    Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
    Port: 587
    Use SSL: On
    Use authentication: On
    Use incoming username and password: On

    Firewall settings for email

    Domains and ports are shown when configuring email within the software, except when a built-in email service is being used in Grid 3.

    To receive email the following domains should not be blocked on port 993: (Gmail) ( (Yahoo!)

    To send email the following domains should not be blocked on port 587: (Gmail) ( (Yahoo)