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  • September 24, 2019 at 7:59 pm

    Setting up Songs or Playlists through GoTalkNow on iOS


    In order to get music to play in GoTalkNow you will need to first get the music onto the iPad. This can be done by downloading the music directly from the iTunes Store on the iPad. Alternatively if you have music already saved on a computer you can either:

    1. Connect the iPad to that computer through a USB cable and use the iTunes application on the computer to drag and drop music onto the iPad.
    2. If you are using a Mac you also have the option to Airdrop the files to the iPad device. (More details on this function here:


    Once you have the music on your iPad you can decide if you want to make playlists for those songs through the Music app or just leave them all as individuals.


    When you are done with the setup of playlists, or have decided not to make playlists, open GoTalkNow.


    1. Select “Page Editor”
    2. Go to the page you want to add music to
      1. Or create a new page entirely
    3. Select the button you wish to change or an empty button
    4. At the top select “Action: ______”
    5. In the pop up window select “Media Player” along the top
    6. Choose Songs > Set
    7. Here you can choose the songs or playlists you want to add to this button
      1. Note that if you want to select a playlist to use the + icon on the right to select the playlist. If you tap on the name instead it will take you to the list of songs to select individually rather than selecting the playlist as a whole.
    8. Select “Done” at the top right when you are done selecting music
    9. Tap outside of the pop up window to close it
      1. Feel free to change the text or images of the button at this time
    10. Select “Done” at the bottom right


    The previous steps can be repeated to create more buttons.



    • Instead of “Choose Songs” you can make a button that will use the functions Play/Pause, Next Song, Previous Song for added control or navigation.
    • Selecting a button that is already playing something will then start playing from the start of the song/playlist.
    • For more in depth controls like volume control, access to the Scanner Menu in Switch Control is the best method to make these changes while still using a switch. (Settings > General > Accessibility > Switch Control, from here make use of the options Tap Behavior and Menu Items)