Grid 3 Set the NeuroNode as a Switch

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  • November 11, 2019 at 2:43 pm

    If you are needing to setup a new switch or change a switch that you are currently using follow the preceding steps to make changes.

    1. While in the user profile open the Menu at the top of Grid 3
    2. Select Settings > Access > Switches > Connection
    3. In this area make sure the top option is set to “Keyboard”
    4. Select the switch you wish to set the NeuroNode to (If this is the first/only switch feel free to select “Switch 1”)
    5. Select “Change Key” at the bottom
    6. A new window will pull up saying “Press Key”
    7. In the new window you can then make a switch with the NeuroNode for it to automatically recognize the key being used. It will then close the top window and show the new key on the switch you selected.
      1. Alternatively if the NeuroNode is not connected you can press the Keyboard icon on the bottom left of this window and press the key here that you wish to use. However to ensure the settings match the NeuroNode it is preferred to use the NeuroNode to set this switch.
    8. Tap on the switch you just updated and press “OK” at the bottom to save your settings

    You can now use this switch in the Activation settings of your different access methods and set it as your activation method.