Copy text from Grid 3 to other programs

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  • October 30, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    If you’re looking to copy from your communication Grid Set and put it into another application within the Windows platform you can do so by simply adding a “Copy” and “Paste” cell on the Grid Set you are copying from and the Grid Set you are using to access external applications.


    To add the “Copy” or “Paste” function:

    1. Open the Grid Set you want to copy from and navigate to where you would like the “Copy” function
    2. Open the top menu and select “Edit Grid”
    3. Select a cell and select “Create Cell” or “Add Command” on the left
    4. At the top of the window select the magnifying glass and type in the function you want to use (Copy / Paste)
    5. Select the function from the search list and press OK
    6. Once you are done making any other customizations you want to that cell select “Finish Editing” at the top left to apply your changes.
    7. Follow the same instructions on the Grid Set or page you want to “Paste” the copied text with.


    Just to note this does copy it to the systems clipboard so you can use the paste function to put the copied text into external apps like Google Chrome or Microsoft Word.